• instawithalex✖️'TIS THE SEASON✖️
    Hey everyone! If you've been watching closely, I haven't posted in a few days.. oops! This time of year brings constant overwhelm, endless errands, and epic parties/events/places to be! While my goal is to be as consistent as possible, it's not always that easy.. right?
    ⠀ ⠀
    ★To help better serve you, and save myself some headaches over the holiday season, I would love for you to LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS anything you have been struggling with lately on IG, or any questions you have about the platform. I'll use your input to create some epic upcoming posts! Thanks!
    ⠀ ⠀
    📸: @isabelrincon
    #immtribe #instagramtips #tistheseason

  • virtualgirlsfridayLove to know more about how to approach influencers
  • jerseybeachmamaStruggling to make time to engage!
  • uncoveryourjoyI feel you, I've been constantly going Mia these last couple of weeks, plus I took on a difficult design and it keeps it even harder to be consistent 😊
  • marketingdocAlex as I often remind my clients, even the Energizer Bunny stops to be recharged.
  • marketingdocAlex as I often remind my clients, even the Energizer Bunny stops to be recharged.
  • clarityiscrucialYes, staying consistent this time of year - I could definitely use some help with that ✨💯☺️
  • bethlhicksI've been struggling just to stay consistent wth my IG strategy! Because I keep forgetting to post/haven't had as much work due to being at Uni, I haven't been posting as much and haven't been able to break the 500+ followers mark!
  • ceci_leibovitzI'm in the exact same place. Just posted after some much needed rest. It really can be the most overwhelming time of year!
  • megandileeneventsGah!! I'm in the same boat! Wishing I'd been better about scheduling for the Holidays ☺️
  • thejoyfuljewelryboxThe algorithm is a headache to get posts seen but I'm really happy with my engagement.
  • madelineharperphotoI love taking breaks from insta! Hope it was restful
  • instawithalex@marketingdoc thanks so much for that Troy! I also recently heard "no flower blooms every month of the year".. definitely helps to put things in perspective
  • the.visioneerYessssss!
  • tribeofjojoI think finding true friend followers is my struggle!
  • creativeboxnzLove that pic!
  • clarissaawilsonI struggle with consistency but it's something I'm working on big time.
  • makeupandflatsI've gathered some classes together that I bought but haven't taken. I jump on ready to learn things but then never complete the courses. Changing that!
  • estellebriedisThis time of year definitely brings overwhelm!
  • lisanicolosiphotography😻😻
  • playinginpuddlesI would love your advice on what photo -editing apps/software you recommend. Thank you.
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