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  • mendeeceesFrom Mendeecees: I received all your letters and all your emails. Even hear about it in here from loved ones that call people here. Yes I'm Disgusted. Didn't ask nobody for anything. Just to keep my kids together like I always have. It's sad that hatred and jealousy will destroy the love and strength I built between all of my children. All I will say is this is temporary. My children and my family will be back together sooner than y'all think. They will never forget the bond and love they have for each other even when separated . Never. But they will remember who kept them apart. I will not forget any of the lies, any of the destruction nor any of their separation being caused. Til we meet again...@harrisjudy @yandysmith stay strong✊🏾 call y'all in a few

  • b.o.s.s_ladie@yandysmith don't fall into their traps keep your family together no matter what.. I admire you!!!
  • simple_ria_418Beautiful
  • shyyrackkFuck them bitches @yandysmith too much time on their hands seriously broke jokes smh
  • itsmsnickki2uchileI will have to say the baby muvas were way out of line on that part
  • mariahlameassI love ❤️ Yandy & Mendeecees they're a beautiful couple with beautiful kids, for someone cruel like Samantha whatever the other bitch name is, are really childish and jealous of their relationship. Keep grinding yall; & keep ya head & ya money 💰 up @yandysmith @mendeecees
  • keepingupwithkiara.xo@destinybaby_ @xo___kaylaaaaa
  • nkta_don_divaOf course they're pulling these stunts as soon as you're locked up. That's so trifling. You'll get your family back just now. Keep ya head up. A lot of men wouldn't even give af you clearly love your children.
  • kaotahoei'm trying to sip this tea but none of y'all can spell like damn . 40 years old with a third grade education
  • _.fay_fayYour a good man and dad @mendeecees God bless u
  • queenlanixo@sundaizi
  • chinola1969@kidkao we're not at a spelling B contest real talk be nice
  • chinola1969@kidkao don't put y'all you sound bitter as fuck real talk you sound like you have a Boulder on your shoulder not a chip calm down you are acting immature
  • chinola1969@kidkao it's my business when your home n social media being condescending
  • chinola1969@kidkao grow up
  • chinola1969@kidkao awe poor little girl needs attention and you think having a tantrum on social media get used to people saying something to your stupidity
  • chinola1969@kidkao you are the biggest low self esteem little knucklehead on social media you picked on people trying to bully people about spelling. But you used yo as a word that's ebonics little girl
  • chinola1969@kidkao you don't make any sense your cursing shows you aren't shit, and lashing out on social media just shows that in person your pussy and won't bust a grape your mouth. That's all, but you are going to have to grow up someday and you do have self esteem issues on your page you said nobody wants you, of course not your a bitch
  • coryskyeRight because your Wife is trying to keep the children together but your baby mommas are soooo bitter about not being with you that they playing games trying to get famous... the baby mommas wear their emotions right on their sleeves.. I am a wife of a wonderful man like you Mendeecee and if I were Yandy I don't know if I could be that polished. Samantha is like a true Satan, her hate runs deep.. Erica is just a liar 🤥...I wish you and Yandy the best because y'all are DOPE!
  • tiffaaanycoBitter Baby Momma club
  • 28_cutyBitter as baby mommas
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