• elii.stephensHola Chicas/ time in #Medellin is coming to an end. It's been fun playing "FT Travel Blogger" and I'm pretty damn pleased to see so many new followers. 😘 Let's get acquainted! .
    1.If you haven't figured it out already I'm not a glass half full kinda gal
    2.I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm the traveler who HATES travelling
    3. I can polish off a charcuterie board/ bottle of wine to myself... Icecream to follow. Which is why I feel like absolute shit at this very moment.
    4.The Tongue In Chic is my baby and we can talk about anything. From hair loss to enemas to hookups on balconies in Cambodia... That's pretty much it! Your turn! .
    Who are you and where are you from?👯
  • nikhil_raj_fcLove U Gorgeous
  • lindsaypaigesteinSo adorable
  • hjb9875angel
  • fyrouzeHola Linda gracias pour seguirme🌹🌹
  • i_am_nikhil_rajLove U Gorgeous.... looking so pretty.... give me a space in your heart
  • beckyloubuttonI can soooo relate!
  • therachelwhateverLOL meats & cheeses are my shit. I feel you 🙌🏼
  • elii.stephens@therachelross we'd be great friends ... and if not there's always vino 🍷
  • sasanheydarianLove it💌
  • mycovettNice 😃
  • peak.coutureSad day! Lol
  • vivianmepaMagnífique
  • adornbklynAlways sad when the wine runs out. Hope u had a great trip 😉
  • rubybellavidaI LOVE Medellín!!!!
  • kris_travelnfly👍
  • kamalsnapsCute😊
  • emmebelierAmazing shot 💟 you look stunning
  • jahansri1618💞👑💕😘🌹🌹💓💓💋💜😋😋
  • paoli_made_in_italy👍
  • ameer_speech2016elegance
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