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  • mother_pukkaMae is channelling David Attenborough with her dulcet, informative tones. Since yesterday's post 17 of you have bought a £75 @practical_action chimney to help combat indoor smoke pollution - a bigger global killer than aids, TB and malaria combined. Here's our latest vlog filmed in Nepal showing what they look like from Mae's perspective... if anyone else wants to ditch sending Christmas cards in favour of buying a chimney, the link to donate is in my bio #practicalaction #parentingtheshitoutofchristmas #motherpukka

  • cassielegg84She's a little sweetie @mother_pukka i can't wait for what's ahead with my cheeky adventurous little one year old xx
  • mother_pukka@cassielegg84 its the best. Big love lady xxx
  • cassielegg84And to you! Night made with a response from your lovely self!! @mother_pukka biggest of luck and love for your flex appeal xx
  • mother_pukka@cassielegg84 I'm sat here in a pile of prawn cracker crumbs 😂🙈 so not feeling very flexy. But thanks for all your support and have a love Sunday xxx
  • bitsandbuntingAwwww amazing xx
  • annahmarkYou guys are amazing! The quote "I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but still I can do something", comes to mind!
  • inpolifeDonated yesterday and cannot stop thinking about it. All these deaths. From smoke. Jeeez we take so much for granted. We are so blessed. It wasn't much but if we all give let's hope we can make a difference.
  • salbully❤️️
  • katediam@practical_action it was our pleasure. We had no idea of the plight faced by others we are grateful that @mother_pukka brought your charity to our attention. We will share your cause with others. So worthwhile.
  • mother_pukka@inpotlife thank you so much. The reason we partnered with with charity is because the issues they tackle are huge but not always 'sensational' enough to get media coverage. Thank you for taking the time and donating. It means the world xxxx
  • mother_pukka@inpolife 👆🏻💋
  • inpolife@mother_pukka I think inpotlife sounds fun too! 😂 I know what you mean about it not being sensational enough. I am going to do a blog post on this next year. This is no X Factor sob story. This is real shit. Just simply trying to keep warm and fed is killing these pour souls. Your trip to Nepal truly was incredible and your family brought the reality into our homes, our lives. It has really really moved me.
  • mother_pukka😂 @inpolife we can roll with whatever moniker you want! You've donated cash it an amazing cause, you can be HRH Inpotlife. But in all seriousness we started reading up on the charity and couldn't really fathom why we weren't aware of the issue. The reason is simple: 'indoor smoke pollution' isn't going to hold the front page of the DM. So they're stuck with a pukey knocked up bird and a ballsy toddler! Xxx
  • inpolife@mother_pukka and look what that pukey bird and fabulous Mae went and did. You made it real for us in the land of Insta. You are saving lives. This message has to get out there. Smoke. Who fucking knew!!!!?!
  • bornatdawn_Donated! Thanks for bringing an amazing cause to my attention Anna. Love how you are constantly using your influence for good 😘 X
  • craft_crumb❤️❤️
  • mercer7officialThat's what we decided to do! No Christmas cards this year and we will give money to charity instead. You are wonderful! What is the link to charity lovely? It's not in the bio anymore. Thank you!! @mother_pukka x
  • mother_pukka@ernaleon holy frick I love you!!! It's www.practicalaction.org 💋💋💋
  • mercer7official@mother_pukka done! Thanks love x
  • mercer7official@mother_pukka done! Thanks love x
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