• charlestoncountyparksCongratulations to Mark Madden, our interpretation and stewardship manager, for being awarded the South Carolina Environmental Awareness Award. This award recognizes outstanding contributions made toward the protection, conservation and improvement of South Carolina’s natural resources.

    Madden got his start as our first full-time naturalist in the early 1990s. Throughout his career as an environmental educator, he has delivered environmental programming to more than 10,000 people and reached an estimated 1,000,000 people through exhibits, cell tours and other materials he has developed for parks and museums in South Carolina.

    In addition to his work with us, he played a significant role in starting the Charleston chapter of the Master Naturalists program, shaping a world famous eco-community (Dewees Island), and improving @ascgreenway, one of the state’s largest greenways. #southcarolina #environmentalist #charleston

  • jamiehenderson843Congratulations Mark! Well deserved 👏🏼
  • spokwilsHey! Congratulation Mark!!! Well deserved appreciation for all your Good Works!
  • msbjpeartYaaaaassssssssss Well Deserved!! Mark ROCKS!!!
  • follysummersCongratulations!
  • mozzigearKeep on the good work!
  • saramakebaCongrats Mark!!!!
  • anestasiavodkanice shot 👏
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