Last Dholki ! ✨⭐️ #UrwaFarhan #blissfulnight - @remaluxe @mohsin.naveed.ranjha
  • urwatisticLast Dholki ! ✨⭐️ #UrwaFarhan #blissfulnight - @remaluxe @mohsin.naveed.ranjha

  • mifrah_noorBtw humry apny pkistani wedding style k dress kisi se kam hoty hn jo half bluse wle indain style k dress phnty hn,.her function pur tummy nagi krni zarori thi is ko pta hona chye tha ye konsy calture main shdi kr rhi hn.. phir hmain chup kuyn krwati private rkhti na dekhati pblic ko
  • mifrah_noor@iqra.abid10 loll right is ka bas chalta to wedding night b pblic main mana letii
  • rubaab.z@mifrahn Islah karni hai tou behen kisi public platform per aaker yeh kehna k you're not Muslim ya phir kisi k khandan ko galiyan dena nai hai. Islam yeh tou nai sikhata. :) Kisi ko yeh bhi kehna k don't judge people you don't know also comes into your definition of "Islah" Alsoooo, if you have nothing positive to say about something then please don't talk at all. You don't know her at all personally, so your opinion won't even mean crap. Please get your facts and grammar straight before you talk. ✌
  • mifrah_noor@rubaab.z ye plblic platfrom,hn tmko itni tkleef kuyn ho rhi kuyn ho rhi or itni aqal agr ho to insan asi behuda harkatain krnny se phely apni. Izzat ka khyal kre ab covring krny k lye tm jsi so called lebrial ayen gi tm ko pta hona cjye ye log pblic figure hn inko hmre logion k like or dislike ko brdasht krna chye or bt ye hn k hm log jhain b koii galat chex dekhain gy point out krn gy tm,.. jo log hmre calture ko khrab krn gy hm unko dislike krn gy ye hmra right hn..
  • mifrah_noor@rubaab.z islam hmko sekhta hn k galat logion ko galat bolo bure logion,ki islah kro unki burai ko na phelny do or ye trend bn gya to hmre her wedding pr log yehi style bma k gmty nazar ayen gy
  • rubaab.z@mifrahn Dill khol ker dislike karo. Liken agar kuch sai nai bolna aata tou at least aaker apna opinion sab per jharny ki koshish tou naa he karein.😂 Dekho, since you're giving me the impression that you're a blockhead, you should know that there is nothing wrong in being liberal. I love Pakistani culture and I love Hijab as well. But that just depends on the persons will. You can't enforce it so why bother to make yourself look like an incredibly dullard person? Jo chez nai pasand woh na karo. Ab woh zama tou raha nai k ap burka kar k ghar behto, so if Pakistan is going forward, just step aside. Khud agar nai kuch pasand tou naa karo, for e.g, you're typing style is stupid. (sorry to stay that. 😂) and since I don't like, I won't do type like that. Ab agar mein bar bar aakar boloun k you look stupid typing like that. Acha lagy ga? Nai.This was her wedding day. If she wanted to share her happiness with her fans, please don't spoil it and move away. :)
  • mifrah_noor@rubaab.z bibi g ap kuyn mojy mention kr rhi ho phir agar apko itni takleef hn to ignor krdo
  • rubaab.z@mifrahn Because, in case you didn't notice, you mentioned me first. I just replied lmao.
  • im.ibtehaaj👌
  • izainabjamil@urwatistic perfect couple 💗 may God bless you with more happiness. .. and increase your love..
  • kdramasjoaEwwwwwwwwww why are you showing your belly tho?😐
  • eashizzle@norman7861 hey man I hope what these people are saying don't change your views on Islam. Islam is a beautiful religion in which only Allah (God) is allowed to judge anyone and we as humans cannot judge other humans. As you know, people love twisting religion and mix it with their culture to create a concoction that suits and caters to their own personal beliefs, but I hope you know it does NOT represent Islam, just like the KKK here in America don't represent white Christians. I absolutely agree that no one should be judged by what they wear, what their faith is, or through any other way. And that is what my religion teaches us too: to love everyone and Respect everyone no matter what. Some people are ignorant and they don't understand it. But I hope you know that these people spewing hate do not represent Islam. And I hope the person who posted this pic does not get hurt by these comments. This popped up in my explore page and I'm absolutely horrified by these comments. It's very sad how people say awful things in the name of religion when the religion they mention condones judgement and hate. So sad what the world has come to. So low. Astagfirullah. May Allah help us all. Ameen.
  • norman7861@eashizzle Totally agreed ❤
  • ss_kiani@kiani_aa
  • kdramasjoa@rubaab.z looool and you're tagging me because...???😑😷
  • anamhassan218@urwatistic shame on bitch... r u muslim? Kaisay maa baap hain tmhry sharam nae ati... apny jism ki numaish karty hoay... Allah k azab say daro
  • shahumairkazmiAdd me
  • makeupbysaima_😍👌
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