Last Dholki ! ✨⭐️ #UrwaFarhan #blissfulnight - @remaluxe @mohsin.naveed.ranjha
  • urwatisticLast Dholki ! ✨⭐️ #UrwaFarhan #blissfulnight - @remaluxe @mohsin.naveed.ranjha

  • eashizzle@norman7861 hey man I hope what these people are saying don't change your views on Islam. Islam is a beautiful religion in which only Allah (God) is allowed to judge anyone and we as humans cannot judge other humans. As you know, people love twisting religion and mix it with their culture to create a concoction that suits and caters to their own personal beliefs, but I hope you know it does NOT represent Islam, just like the KKK here in America don't represent white Christians. I absolutely agree that no one should be judged by what they wear, what their faith is, or through any other way. And that is what my religion teaches us too: to love everyone and Respect everyone no matter what. Some people are ignorant and they don't understand it. But I hope you know that these people spewing hate do not represent Islam. And I hope the person who posted this pic does not get hurt by these comments. This popped up in my explore page and I'm absolutely horrified by these comments. It's very sad how people say awful things in the name of religion when the religion they mention condones judgement and hate. So sad what the world has come to. So low. Astagfirullah. May Allah help us all. Ameen.
  • norman7861@eashizzle Totally agreed ❤
  • ss_kiani@kiani_aa
  • strongwomandobongsoon_official@rubaab.z looool and you're tagging me because...???😑😷
  • anamhassan218@urwatistic shame on bitch... r u muslim? Kaisay maa baap hain tmhry sharam nae ati... apny jism ki numaish karty hoay... Allah k azab say daro
  • umairofficial42Add me
  • makeupbysaima_😍👌
  • anam2798@anamhassan218 only Allah judges she has all rights to wear whtever she wants its her life
  • billokhan7168apnay jism ki nomaish krni hy
  • billokhan7168@anum2798
  • billokhan7168sht up
  • billokhan7168its over aiman or minaal bhi tu hy yr woh vhi kabhi kabar western wear krti hy or agr krti hy bhi tu jism body cover huti hy
  • billokhan7168@urwatistic this is over and u looks ugly
  • billokhan7168phlay app merer fav the lkn ab i hate u
  • iname1122Khoti
  • arifasdqThis is so pretty❤
  • farhansaeed_fc_2Sharam to ati nahi
  • farhansaeed_fc_2Kuti
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