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  • ericcresseyHere is a good side-by-side comparison that shows what happens with a normal thoracic curvature (left) versus a flat thoracic spine (right). Being able to get to thoracic flexion is important for preserving the convex – concave relationship between the rib cage and the scapula. Think about the implications for pitchers try to get to a good ball release position and strong deceleration pattern. #cspfamily #mlb #offseasontraining #30daysofarmcare

  • nygxoGreat comparison. Good pick up there
  • kannon_fire10Forgive me but is the one on right optimal .. keeping good core posture and allowing your core and thoracic stability to power the move as your shoulders are along for the ride till the end ?
  • ericcressey@shsuman152 left is preferred
  • foundationshaneSo stinking good 👍
  • peterturmanThe guy on the right release the ball earlier and stops his hip hinge-- wouldn't a longer hold have resulted in greater thoracic engagement?
  • golfers_prehabExcellent post man
  • tbanksmultisAwesome comparison! You can see here how good posture➡️increased mobility/longer levers ➡️increased translation of force development. Really helpful seeing this in video
  • michaelcervino👌
  • robgascoyneIs the t-spine or the head position having the bigger impact on his shoulder movement?
  • cygnini17Shouldnt be using shoulders like that to throw ball down
  • cygnini17Should be using momentum of triple extension to come down with whole upper half and squat down fast to slam straight down
  • heathdonica@h_grounds
  • grant_bland@tuckerbland
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