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  • denisedtAnother sneaky peek at my set for my 2017 blog videos. We basically took my house and moved it to a studio. Why? Mostly so we could control the light and sound, not worry about the kids running in or having to make everyone leave for the day. Do you make blogs? I'm going to challenge you to upgrade the set for next year. Doesn't have to be fancy. You could find a nice bright space in your house, rearrange a beautiful bookshelf or get a pop up background banner. Having a consistent look and feel is great for brand recognition. Ideas?

  • melaniebundockLove it @denisedt
  • bonnie.gillespie👍🏾 inspiring! Good plan!
  • saraintonatoAny suggestions for a banner company @denisedt ?
  • jillschmidt_psychicmediumI’m working on it now!
  • realfoodrealyou_I'm in the process of making posts more consistent. Videos next!
  • feed_on_lifeThankyou for showing this Denise! Suddenly, it seems 'do-able' to me. I have been dreaming and talking about doing vlogs all blinkin year!! Time to stop bring fearful and just do it. Thank you again for being so real and true.. You are so inspiring. Much love❤️ Yvette
  • gabriellebsamsonWoW this is inspiring! I am always struggling for the light specially this time of yeah! I like to use led light panels they are not so hot and easier to manage! I'll work on something !
  • evolutionofemLove this!!
  • oskar_milka👍
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