• woodgraincottageHome is where my heart is. ❤️ Tap for sources. #thewgc #thewoodgraincottage #christmas #christmasdecorations #breakfastnook

  • jennalynsquiresMay I ask for help/tips in hanging up larger sized wreaths? I've looked all over Pinterest for tutorials, but haven't found any yet. This is my first year with wreaths, and I am so excited?
  • woodgraincottage@jennalynsquires Absolutely! This wreath is hung with a clear command hook. It's larger in size, and I just stuck it to the window, pressed it in place for a minute, let it sit, and then hung my wreath. Works like a charm! And this wreath is pretty heavy! Still going strong! 👏👏👏
  • jennalynsquiresThank you so much! I started following you after I bought your 'How great thou art' pillow last year. Your home is beautiful, my heart sings when I see what you have created! Thank you for sharing your gifts and your generosity! I'm headed to Home Depot now, thanks!
  • jenmasseyOh my word sister, I am IN LOVE with these chairs from @afwonline but I cannot find them on the site. Could you tell me the product name?
  • sarahbahlmanI can't find the chairs either! Please share more detail please!
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