Mama Daddy Dearest & Us ! ❤️⭐️ #lastdholki #UrwaFarhan
  • urwatisticMama Daddy Dearest & Us ! ❤️⭐️ #lastdholki #UrwaFarhan

  • 3b0od_khan@rishhuddin 😂😂
  • aliyakarim92@aminnah_razzaq haha you are the one who is displaying a prime example of who is pathetic, all your hatred towards the sisters is because you wish you could be like them but you can't why because are busy preaching the WRONG Islam. Your sentence " Muslim tu kahin say lagti nahi" so just because she is exposing her body she is not Muslim in anyway, what about yourself your soul mind and heart are filled with hatred and bigotry do you think you are the good Muslim then?
  • sonisonu83Kaisr begairat hain yeh log nangi beti k saat sir utha k kharre hain
  • sonisonu83Lagta hai izzat bech di inno ne apni
  • shazmehndiMaan baap to itne kaalay hain to ye dono behnain itni gorian kis pe gayi hain? Shakal bhi bilkul nahi milti dono se 🙄
  • dasikuriyFarhan bohat achy lag rahy ho our urwa you are osome
  • _eymanshahrukh@yumna.usman
  • shazmehndi@aliza_q08 hahhahha wah kia misaal di hai 😂
  • shazmehndi@aliza_q08 aur ye bhi haqeeqat hai ke aap koi choti si bachi ho is liye aisi bachkana misaal di hai. Aur aap ki baqi baaton se bhi andaza ho raha hai. Jaao ja ke chocolates khan aur cartoon dekho 😙
  • im.ibtehaaj👌
  • emaan3186💕💕💕💕
  • hf98x@sabahsuleman
  • sabir_hussain117Behaya besharm tum logo ko sharam nhi aati aisi dressing krty ho.Allah hidayt dy begeirto.koi sharam hoti h koi haya hoti h
  • zubairahmad979Why their parents aren't ashamed of being this girl glamorous
  • mbilal2427Ma sha Allah
  • ladybugzarmeenThe kind of gutter where there is no compassion, love, celebration, happiness, and freedom but there is PLENTY of jealousy, hatred, and dictatorial rule is where haters come from - and these assholes ALSO celebrate violent against women. why the fuck are you SO concerned about how she's dressed? Is anyone stopping you from your stupid hijab? No. Then stop dictating other women what they should do with their bodies. No wonder the world laughs at idiots like you. Also, maybe YOUR parents are all perverts but obviously Urwa's parents are not perverts and they're more concerned about raising kids who respect everyone's freedoms. All these Mullah jaahils, YOUR parents are bad parents because they taught you how to hate other happy people. Thank you for showing the REAL face of Muslims because you idiots think the same way ISIS does. Thankfully I'm not a Muslim because I would hate to be like you.
  • ansar_tahir@rubaab.z chal bibi phr tw apny shadi py nangy pait bhet jaen me talian bjaon ga tjhy dhk k or dance b krn ga :D :D
  • rubaab.z@ansar_tahir Kya soch ker tumhare maa baap ney tumhe paida kar dia. 😪
  • ansar_tahirYe tw mjhy tm sy pochna chaye :D :D
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