• girleatworld🇯🇴 Honestly, I don't know how this keeps happening to me. While scrolling down my photo archives I found a picture I totally forgot to post from Jordan back in May. It made me feel all nostalgic and really miss the country all over again! For old memories sake, you can read about my culinary journey in Jordan at the link in my profile above.

    This one is just a plain bread at a beautiful souk (market) in the ancient city As-Salt, Jordan. It may look dull and uninsteresting but it was during my trip to Jordan that I realized how important bread is to the middle eastern culture.

    A memorable quote I heard from a Jordanian friend while talking about a hardship story was something along the lines of "She was so poor, she had no money to buy bread". It has been over half a year but this exchange still stuck to my memory. I thought it was interesting how she specifically used the word "bread" to refer to food in general, showing how much of a staple it is to her daily life.

    I suppose it's like how rice would be to asians - i, for one, can't imagine living without eating rice.

    I was told with this type of thin round bread, they would just eat it with bare hands and meat folded inside. "So it's like middle eastern taco", I observed. "Yes, like middle eastern taco", my friend replied, with a hearty laugh, as i chomped on the bread.


  • kellvieteI always thought it was the same for americans too? I mean the person who earns money for the house is called breadwinner right? I think chinese refer to a stable job like govt positions as iron ricebowl too.
  • girleatworld@kellviete great point! Didnt think about that. But i think americans wouldnt necessarily say "bread" when they refer to food as means of survival like in this context.
  • girleatworld@vivibaracho1 i'm indonesian!
  • girleatworld@patriceseeah yeah, the same translates to indonesian too!
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