• lisudzaTwo words #Turbo #Pascal 😂😂😂. Procedural code writing was a major pain. #MzeeNiWewe #TBT

  • ndetiYou guy 😂😂😂😂. We wrote a full Point Of Sale system in Pascal that could do inventory and discounts
  • kitajima_chiboleI used to calculate my equalizer frequencies and circuits with pascal
  • lisudza😂😂😂😂😂 all I can say is that OOP is a life saver. To some extent I think it's made software engineers lazy and 'dumb'. Because one new limitations of procedural code writing, you really invested time and wrote good code. Like you had to have the whole system in your head before you start churning code. @ndeti @kitajima_chibole
  • wainainak@lisudza I rocked pascal in high school better than my comp teacher! @pmungai remember when you downloaded this for me as I did my final project?
  • brightgameliFortran days also...lol
  • ndeti@lisudza Yes, we had code discipline, OOP has saved and made guys lives easier
  • joel_tintedHaha waaah #programming101
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