• _sclabswill be releasing the last batch of test results from The 2016 Emerald Cup Thursday afternoon, December 14th. We would also would like to take a moment to apologize for any inconvenience experienced by The Emerald Cup contestants who received their test results after the cup. @emeraldcupofficial received hundreds of requests to submit entries after the deadline for the contest and agreed to extend the deadline to try to accommodate as many entrants as possible. We were happy to accept the late samples and applauded The Emerald Cup's spirit of inclusion. However, because of the extended deadline, the capacity limitations of the lab🔬made it impossible to deliver results for all of the late arriving samples before the cup. Both The Emerald Cup staff and the lab were aware that a small but significant portion of the late arriving samples would not be finished until after the cup was over. This was the only option other than refusing to accept the late contestants. You can’t hurry good science! However, we apologize if we or The Emerald Cup did not do an adequate job informing late entry contestants of the situation ahead of time. The Emerald Cup gave us a list of sample ID’s of the top placing samples after the first rounds of judging had finished and we prioritized and finished those samples, including the late arriving entries, in time for the judge’s consideration. If you have questions regarding test results please contact us 866.435.0709 or info@sclabs.com If you have questions regarding the event and contest please contact @emeraldcupofficial at 707.984.9174 #knowyourmedicine #emeraldcup2016 #sclabs #medicalcannabis #cannabiscommunity #labtested #topshelflife #knowyourgrower #safecannabis #cannabiscup #envirocann #outdoorcannabis #fueledbythc #terpsonterps #cannabisscience #thescienceofcannabis #emeraldcup #cannabisdaily #medicalmarijuana #caligrown #enviroganic #organiccannabis #growscience #cannabislife

  • chris_ca_n_nyWe ain't mad atchya 🙌🏽
  • primordialgardensYou folks did your job, and well. I just am cautioned by the accommodating attitude of the emerald staff, without thought of judges consuming material with mold counts > 10^5 CFU / g, may not be harmful in regards to species, but there must be some form of informed consent. Especially with emerald cup being under the "medical" flag. (I say that with no respect to their definition). Just my 2 cents. I do look forward to perusing the results over a nice constitutional, though!
  • squareboyclothinggreat post
  • greenboxgrownSo hard to vote when all the extracts were such high quality 🔥💣
  • farmacy_brosBottom line , the winner had mold in excess of allowed tolerances along with other ranking flowers .....why measure microbiological if this is not a priority for clean, most healthy medicine . We take pride in our flower in all stages from clone to full matured plant and it's a rough job with all the environmental factors thrown at us as farmers. So to not judge with all the state of the art tools provided seems like steps backwards ....for us all. Many stages of the flower process are important to the end product, so therefore every aspect needs to be considered @emeraldcupofficial .. I'm generating a list of my own with ranking in least amount of mold to highest and we can see who has the cleanest medicine....you can't extend a deadline if it jeopardizes the whole competition .....that's not a good enough excuse .
  • steveodontplay@subskool7 🤔
  • yobuddyapp😜
  • subskool7Thank you for being honest. There should be no such thing as a "late" entry. That is why it is a deadline & you should of refused more work. IT WAS A CASH GRAB FOR YOU & EMERALD CUP! You knew you couldn't handle the load (you can do math being scientist & all) but couldn't say no to the money. How about a refund??? LMAO 😂😭😭congrats you fugazied your people & sold us out. It's emerald cup & your responsibility shared to either stand up & do what's right (void the contest & refund all contestants money)or just be another on the list of un trustable companies.DO THE RIGHT THING
  • thedankduchess@_sclabs your response, though thorough is misleading. None of my entries, nor my friends entries, were in the extended deadline pile. Therefore to assert that your results are extremely late due to THAT delay is misinformation. Perhaps your labs did receive WAY more than you could handle, or anticipated, but "a whole bunch of slackers with their late entries" is a flawed sentiment.
  • releafalternative💚
  • smantheyWhat about the samples that were 2 weeks late? @_sclabs
  • cannabis_perspective@subskool7 "fugazid" #real
  • oldgrowthrosin@_sclabs so why aren't the rest of my results available yet? I was only able to get my potency results at the cup, where are the rest. It says it was tested on the 2nd. Let's try to keep this professional....
  • o2vape👏
  • itscannedy👍
  • addisonirwin_@glaysonleroy
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