• thefoodmedicWho is training with me today for Day 3 of #12DaysOfFitmass ? 🎄🎉 I'm giving your legs a break today and we are going to focus mainly on our chest and shoulders! 💪Don't think you're getting away with an easy session because I've thrown in a sweaty AMRAP circuit (As-Many-Rounds-As-Possible) to make sweat! 💦 All the videos are on my YouTube channel 📺 and a new one will be posted every night up until the 23rd! 📅
    Get involved on social and let me know you're doing this challenge with me by tagging @thefoodmedic and make sure to use the hashtag #12DaysOfFitmass 📲
    Outfit: @charlicohen sportsbra, @sweatybetty leggings, @nike trainers 👟 #TheFoodMedic #HazelWallace #12DaysOfFitmass #ChristmasWorkout #YouTubeWorkout

  • gt_uk❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • eatnourishloveYaaaas loving them! Maybe I'll take a sweaty after photo today on insta stories 🙈 looking beaut as ever!xxx
  • bendy_ben999I'd love to train with you - have a good one
  • hannahandfitnessLoving your videos so far Hazel! 🙌🏼
  • charlicohenBaaaabe 🔥🔥🔥
  • kristinka.14I'll be doing that today 💪
  • lougiacomazziLove the workout inspo... although a little too easy... adding it to my cardio 👍
  • kal_fitlifeGORG!!
  • balihl👏👍👏
  • steffi_mcHazel, I'm an ST1 in paeds and currently on all the long/night shifts under the sun. How do you fit in training with 4days/3nights combo?
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