Thank you Farida ❤
  • dramani_mahama1Thank you Farida ❤

  • hayfordnietoGod bless you and your dad.But remember,"The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone but the things you do for others remains as a legacy to all". Thank you JM for your patience.
  • isaacowusu9080Farida,thumbs up! You have done well by sharing warmly message to your dad.keep it up
  • gladys_afangidehOhhh God bless you farida...God bless you JD...from Nigeria
  • the_refined_africanThis is the best thing I've ever read
  • iam_abenaa_hommieDaddy's Love ❤️❤️💞
  • nanaadjoaappiahGod bless u farida
  • charisma_rey_endless_snow@stanleyboakye61 lolz he won't be back right
  • ohenewaatheresahHmmmm
  • vonvinaShe said it all
  • alice__oduroNice piece Farida
  • sheillaidooHmmm farina thnk u
  • zakiya_sadiqWaaaw.when a daughter supports n love daddy then daddy needs not to worry. God is with us all. Thank u daddy@president_mahama.we all love u.
  • magdalahajaariGod bless u Farida ,, God knows why so in everything give tanks to God...God loves u and daddy...And I love u daddy soo much .....will forever be by u and daddy's side....luv u guys bunch
  • rsaaka20pls i want mary farida how are we going to do
  • rockyopareYou've said it all Farida...God bless His excellency John Dramani Mahama...still my president...
  • carolineagyemanThat's so sweet of you dear still team mahama
  • aaronansah1220Yaaaay H. E
  • aaronansah1220😍😍😍
  • alhassan6109She's said it all God bless daddy
  • bennibithiahthis just made me cry..... if I am to make one wish now and 10years to come my prayer is to meet my president John Dramani Mahama and his Daughter Farida Mahama..... I love you all so much! the God we serve is never and would never be a dead God! He Jesus Christ of Nazareth is working and He is up to something! relax and let God fight for you and you shall hold your peace Ok
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