From our family to yours 💕❄️☃️
  • star102cleFrom our family to yours 💕❄️☃️

  • jankotilaLol. Nice! 😂
  • kathybhsHahaha
  • luv_a_man_in_a_kiltCUTE!!! 🤗🎄🎅
  • mrgodishHa judging by the feet whose right handed vs left?
  • mmajstorovicLove it!!!
  • tristanscleLove it!! Is Desiray, Glenn, and Michelle going to do a matching pajamas photo as well?
  • mmajstorovicHey @instatimmay - my 6 year old got "Lil Bear" pjs for his polar express day at school tomorrow. Tuns out they are family pjs, (it's just me and my son, my husband passed away a couple years ago) anyway - the only location that has the "Momma Bear" version available is Target in Mentor! I'm in Brooklyn - so maybe you can swing by and grab them for me! LOL. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas ♡
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