• fonfonbhamDinner plans? A Fonfon #omelette and glass of Apremont Portaz ’15 Savoie is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day. #TreatYourself #Bistro #VivelaFonfon #FonfonBham

  • cjones424Can I get a side of rendered pancetta with that to sprinkle over the top? It's almost like a different execution of a Tuscan egg salad if you look at it that way. Odd, but after trying the egg salad it was surprisingly tasty. Then again do the French use pancetta?
  • cjones424Then again some crumbled boudin would be great to. If it's still call d that out of the casing.
  • cjones424Then again one other the other or both on the inside would be a pleasant surprise. Maybe I'm to opinionated. Hate it or love
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