• healthychicksSo, I've been feeling super sluggish lately - to the point where even after a full night's sleep I'm still tired. 💤I've also been gaining a decent amount of weight (which is semi-normal for me in the winter) but I felt like something was up - specifically with my thyroid. 🤔So, I decided to take my health into my own hands and ordered a full thyroid panel from @wellnessfx so I could get my blood tested 💉 Sure enough, my results just came back and my TSH jumped up to a 4.5, which is borderline hypothyroid. While many doctors consider this "normal," most people feel their best below 2, and it's very difficult to get & stay pregnant in these higher numbers above 3. Now I'm taking back control of my health - through diet, talking with specialists, and looking into natural supplements (I really don't want to go on meds for life!) Yes it's a bit of a bummer but I'm glad I dug in & now have the proof to move forward 👊🏼Let me know if you have any ?s at all about @wellnessfx - I recently signed up as an affiliate and have used them twice so far, highly recommend! Ps I also just bought "Thyroid Sessions" by @seancroxton & it rocks. 💚 Click link in profile to read my initial review of @WellnessFX 👆🏼

  • healthychicks

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  • healthychicks@morepositivity omg love, that is amazing! And yes I love @Andreabeaman - I went to @nutritionschool and she was one of the speakers! I actually asked for her book for Christmas! I'll look into her course too - but is it for both hypo and hyper? Xo thanks for reaching out, beauty!
  • chantelledavisgrayDr Aviva Romm is another one that I'd look into! And go you for listening to your body
  • theblessedlittlelife@healthychicks what your describing has been my life this past year! But I had my thyroid taken out bc of thyroid cancer and it ended up causing other problems too (hypothyrodism, hypocalciumia) so i don't have an option when it comes to taking medication but i feel like its not very effective.I'm really curios about @wellnessfx bc I've paid alot of money for lab work, how does that work? Best of luck too you!! I know 4.5 isn't ideal but at one point I was a 12 and an 8 and I finally got it below 1. So it is possible!
  • morepositivity@healthychicks that's wonderful! I am so happy you know her!! The class is for both Hypo and Hyper. It covers all parts of healing, it's called the Nourishing Thyroid Health Program. Andrea was diagnosed with hypo, and during her healing went through hyper as well. It is well suited for Anyone struggling with thyroid issues, The healing process is all the same. @andreabeaman is an amazing teacher and also mentor, she offers conference calls and there is a FB group that you can ask any question anytime, even after the course is finished. She truly changed my life and I'm so grateful every single day. The healing process took over a year for me, but it was such an empowering learning and selfish time, in a good way. I had to learn to put me, first and be open to letting my health be restored. I will pray you find your way and your thyroid heals! Keep in touch :) xo
  • healthychicks@theblesselittlelife oh wow! I'm so glad you're ok and feeling better. I posted a full review of my first experience @WellnessFX (link is now in my profile) xo
  • healthychicks@chantelledavisgray 🙏🏼
  • healthychicks@morepositivity 💚💚💚
  • kwel823I feel the same way!
  • healthychicks@kwel823 I'll keep you posted on my journey Hunny! Change of Seasons can also do this to us!
  • wildindigo._I have seen both sides to healing/treating hypothyroidism through medication and also through diet. Diet is the way to go! I have a good friend who healed hers through diet if you'd like me to introduce! I hope you feel more like yourself soon enough! I've been feeling rather sluggish myself the past few weeks. You'd think we as humans would be used to the change of seasons by now 😂
  • mszynkowicz3I have hypothyroidism so id love to learn some of the diet and natural stuff you're trying! I'm also here if you want I talk about it at all
  • healthychicks@wildindigo._ 💯agree and I'd love to be Introd to your friend!
  • healthychicks@mszynkowicz3 absolutely I'll keep you posted! For starters I'm going 💯gluten free, cutting back on coffee major, eating lots of cooked greens & veggies (in coconut oil) and supporting my gut through kraut, bone broth etc, I'm also researching some natural supplements
  • rdevineskincare
  • gpbaliphotographySuperb!
  • healthychicks@morepositivity one more q - did you have to go on meds at all? Also the difference between hypo and Hashimotos is confusing so I'm thinking of ordering the antibody tests to see if I have Hashi autoimmune disease - did you do any of those tests? Xoxo
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