• ntnlCivil Liberties are not set in stone.
    While much social progress has been made in the past, we are entering an era where basic liberties are in jeopardy. It’s more important than ever to take action to ensure that none of our voices are silenced and that none of our liberties are obstructed.
    Therefore we will be donating the profit, retroactive to Black Friday, from all of our online store sales to the following organizations through the end of the year:
    Planned Parenthood
    ACLU Nationwide
    Southern Poverty Law Center
    Democracy Now

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  • michelleheimannartWonderful wonderful
  • jasonkanter@sons.and.daughters What?
  • jasonkanter@julesm_rok I agree, Jules. Women should be beaten for even thinking about #abortion. #shameonwomen #badladies #makeamericagreatagain
  • bekahstargalactica❤️❤️❤️
  • ajennyhillThe National 👏👏
  • julesm_rok@jasonkanter Nope. Not at all what I was saying. If you took the time to look at any of the companies I mentioned in my post they ALL help women several in fact help women who are bought and sold into sex slavery. This is what I'm saying...abortion is a symptom of a further WRONG to women and PP has perpetuated the wrong in many of its practices in addition to abortion. I am a woman and I have several close friends who've had abortions. We talk openly and ALL of them have said if they had more support one way or another through their families, significant others, environment they would have likely chosen a different path for themselves and their babies. THAT is what I'm saying. Clearly you are a woman who has been in any of these situations...found yourself pregnant...didn't know what to do..no money to support baby..can't go to family..your gender is over sexualized in media and culture..have to fight for rights if raped..have to take birth control pill to keep from getting pregnant (which also has side effect itself - death being one..and yes this has happened to women who were on the same pill I was on at one time). Yah, didn't think you have dealt with ANY of that. #supportwomennotplannedparenthood #changetheculture
  • shnabors@lathe.bigler Agree!
  • gigimarinescuBig UP, guys!
  • sons.and.daughters@jasonkanter https://www.google.com/amp/s/bc.marfeel.com/amp/www.nationalreview.com/article/430152/abortion-roe-v-wade-unborn-children-women-feminism-march-life?client=safari
  • sons.and.daughters@julesm_rok Heck yes, sister. We'll be quiet about this human rights violation when the victims can speak for themselves, am I right? #lovethemamasandthebabies
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  • stlcourtneyThank you 😍
  • grooverinoYES!! This is awesome. Thank you!
  • jonpenick@sassypants201 if you did want vinyl...
  • calisthenicsbrahPretty awesome
  • framegrabsWow 🙌
  • stochasm1234That's a pretty awesome public service announcement. you should listen to "black ice" by goodie mob. also, the southern poverty law center is okay, i am a member there. the only problem is that most of its higher ups are also members of neo nazi hate organizations. I'm pretty sure that morris dees is the grand dragon of the KKK or something.... in response to the other guys post.. i think if you are a man, you have no fucking business talking about abortion... question? have you ever been raped?
  • stochasm1234its is true though, geographically that the south is way more poor than the yankees
  • stochasm1234the SPLC's anti bullying campaign was really good. but unfortunately people mistake it for something like the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, or the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, or Congress for Racial Equality, but really it's charter is somewhat confusing based on the newsletters I have received and what i have seen, living in the South for a time
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