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  • victoriaelizabethbarnesNew toy on string + me running around the house as fast as I can = KITTY WORKOUT (I feel like I have to add a disclaimer that if your cat pants without first running through the house like a demon for 12 minutes, something is wrong)

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  • snowkiedokieOmg. I wonder if it could be asthma. .....I had a cat with asthma. Hopefully it isn't anything serious.
  • tammywilliamsburns😻........ panting a little too hard! I love cats! ❤
  • elizabethboninI would have loved to see a video of you running!😄
  • connectingwithcarlaGlad you added that disclaimer! Panting cats usually mean a trip to the emergency vet. That cat is a cutie.
  • jo_manthaFYI, Don't use a synthetic pyrethrum around cats, if you are spraying for pests, cats do not do well with it. We had one of our cats die before the vet realized perhaps it wasn't asthma. Also, if Kitty is an unaltered adolescent boy he might, just maybe be panting out of excitement. Or could your home be warmer than Kitty's winter coat allows? Or could a hairball be bothering Kitty. Lastly, if Kitty has access to rodents that have eaten a dessicant it can make for a sick Kitty. The dessicant doesn't kill the rodents right away and some cats, raptors, wild animals see them as easy prey. My cat is an amazing hunter and has gotten sick eating one or part of a dying mouse. She's been sick, we've had trips to the vet...No idea what was happening until we found parts of a mouse and realized what was going on. She got over it on her own. With respect to asthma, I pray Kitty doesn't have it AND if diagnosed that the diagnosis is accurate. All the best to you and Kitty!
  • houligirlMy cat used to do that as a kitten too after a session of #toyonastring. And...I have the same rug!
  • stevenleegordonPerhaps this cat is actually a hidden dog?
  • thatonecupcakeplaceShe is identical to my rescue girl.
  • julietrent83She is so cute 😻
  • leannemichael_luxelifestyleLove tuxedo kitties!!!😻
  • mrsbearly@jo_mantha The cat is panting hard because it just got done chasing a new toy.
  • all.kate.sawAww, her sweet little happy/tired face!
  • tedabugDid you adopt her yet already?!?!? She's clearly a keeper.
  • obliozen@mattbracing19 panting, just like Zen used to do! ❤
  • ruben.delpradoSuper sweet!
  • urbanonionHe's beautiful. I love the white stripe on his nose. My Tango had that. Sadly he disappeared a year ago in October. :(
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