• globaltableHomemade pithivier for game night and in honor of Little Christmas. Full of sweet frangipane and a whisper of rum. Gone in a flash, just like the first time I had it in Paris. 😋 /// P.S. If you buy the puff pastry and almond flour it's A+Easy . Recipe from "Le Cordon Bleu at Home." #littlechristmas #pithiviers #parisjetaime

  • maxime__gautierLove it!
  • artspawns_yogartWhat? We couldn't make this when we were all together??? Awe shucks ♡
  • globaltable@artspawns_yogart Our visit was so relaxing and fun and full of enormous homemade cinnamon rolls. Can't beat that. 😋 Plus Jan 6 was so far off it never occurred to me. Next time! Oh and I want to make boozy Lithuanian honey spirits with you guys. I think you'd like them.
  • artspawns_yogartWell eating was what we did best...after playing games and simply being together ♡♡♡ ☺
  • gourmetgwenOoh how lovely!
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