Weird - angel books next to dad jokes.
  • denisedtWeird - angel books next to dad jokes.

  • moments.bycharlieLol maybe it's like the recommended before and after, read the spiritual life changing stuff first, then after you've contemplated the meaning of life, sit back and laugh it all off with humour.
  • moments.bycharlieNew age and self help section is where I live
  • iamkatiecmpbllLike ... all the practical dads making fun of us woo woo moms 😂 that is an odd section pairing 🤔
  • saraiyoga"Boned". LOL hilarious
  • drvaleriebakerLaughter is the best spiritual practice
  • butterflyheart333That's because angels have a sense of humor!! I would say it's a sign to laugh and play more..! 😉💗
  • denisedt@butterflyheart333 such a good point! My goal is to make "money funny", so it's probably a good sign!
  • butterflyheart333@denisedt oh the synchronicity!!! That's a perfect sign!! 🙌 love it!! 💗
  • lindkaa2017Boganomics?
  • jillajeffersLol! 😂
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