• damonandjoGot a soft spot for reflection/what-is-this-even-a-picture-of pictures. Anyway, Damon here in Chicago for the weekend with my girl Dominique; yes, Dominique - we love confusing people. "She's Dominique. I'm Damon Dominique."

  • lil_emmzCheck out @ccfernschicago if you are still in the west side tomorrow!!!
  • _matthewhanna_Try Mindy's Hot Chocolate if you want a huge cup of cocoa😊
  • xdroomsxDon't leave Chicago without some #garretspopcorn
  • fouurYou guys should check out sawada coffee in the Fulton district! You'll love it! Make sure to get the military latte!
  • alternatesceneQueria
  • abbyyyyDamon, if you guys are looking for something to do tomorrow night come out to @berlinnightclub! I manage an awesome drag show, 10:30-12. 💜
  • juruchiiYou should check out the Alfred Caldwell lily pool and the People's Gas Education Pavillion (aka the honeycomb) at Lincoln Park Zoo
  • wags_grlYou picked a very cold weekend to come to Chicago! But, welcome!
  • wanderfulgermanExcellent picture, we could have something in common.
  • randolphmarketAmazing.
  • phoenixlaurenLovely!
  • amyzwikelmacrameAwww!
  • adrian_morquechoI love Wicker Park!
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