Mo money, mo problems 💰💰 #sortit #matchit #usefrontandbacksofcoins #linkinprofile
  • theautismhelperMo money, mo problems 💰💰 #sortit #matchit #usefrontandbacksofcoins #linkinprofile

  • jennyxo23xoI just registered for a PD you are presenting for my district on January 16th so excited!
  • theautismhelper@jennyxo23xo Do you mean for January 23?? I'm doing a PD for NSSEO on Jan 23. Let me make sure I have my dates right 🙈🙈
  • jennyxo23xoOops yes the 23rd!! Haha sorry don't wanna confuse you! 😉
  • theautismhelper@jennyxo23xo Phew! You had me nervous for a second! 😂
  • henny_partyof4I was wondering if I could email you :) I am a SpEd student teacher working in a learning support classroom (my first placement) and we have a student with high functioning autism who also suffers from severe depression. This student is almost impossible to get work done with. Their attitude is very negative and communication is minimal. I would love to get some strategies and maybe some advice on how to best support him without causing him to shut down and get over frustrated. Thank you!!
  • theautismhelper@henny_partyof4 Definitely! My email is
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