To Gnome Me Is To Love Me. Love you @hannahdkern and @levilandis
  • tennysontippyTo Gnome Me Is To Love Me. Love you @hannahdkern and @levilandis

  • nowlinbridgeLove it!
  • meredithlshieldsI love this!! Gnomes are my favorite! 🍄
  • mary.nowhereCute!
  • stephielynnea@tennysontippy @meredithlshields I was obsessed with gnomes as a kid. My grandmother and I used to leave tiny wild strawberries at the root crevices of trees. When I was in first grade I brought in my gnome 'bible' by Wil Huygen for show and tell and my teacher crushed me and told me they weren't real🙁💔. Now I'm going to send you both pictures of all my gnome paraphernalia. Miss you both!
  • tylersnotesThis is on the same level as asparagoose
  • tennysontippy@meredithlshields @stephielynnea I love your gnome love. And steph--please send us photos of your gnome paraphernalia, as well as the name of your first grade teacher. Want to write her a strongly worded letter.
  • scarielll🎶to love you is to be part of you🎶
  • meredithlshields@stephielynnea that's so sad!!! What an evil woman. I can't wait to see pics! I had the best gnome statue out front of the house for years- somebody stole it. They took his mushroom too 😢
  • hannahdkernHah! Love you back
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