I'm safe and feel incredibly fortunate. What a crazy thing...
  • prenteyeI'm safe and feel incredibly fortunate. What a crazy thing...

  • sampoirier_fitGlad your ok!
  • laura_mcknightooHey Casey, Laura from CNN News, wondering if we are can use this photo with given credits. If thats OK please respond #yesCNN.
  • tommyseek24Whoa!!!! Scary
  • joehezCrazy shit, glad your safe
  • laura_mcknightoo@prenteye Sir, Just Wanted To Inform You That The Corp. Buzzfeed Had Used This Photo But Had Not Given You Credit. What You Choose To Do Next Is Your Choice
  • laura_mcknightoo@jim_5686 No Other Words Can Be Said About This Or Anything That Would Motivate Him To Do Such. However, If We Do Such We Would Become Involved. Just Glad He Is Very Blessed To Be Safe
  • oldportkingScary incident. Be safe.
  • afogartyphotoGlad you're ok!
  • troysara1244Such a horrible thing to happen. Glad you are safe.
  • wordsmithjessHoly shit! You're there?!? 😳 babeeeee! Sooo glad you're okay!
  • trista.savage.21I just saw this on the news
  • daliadavila1d17Stay Safe And Sending Prayers, Thoughts, And Love To The People Who Are Affected This Airport Shooting Tragedy @prenteye 🙏🏻❤
  • fox5dcHello @prenteye, Did you take this photo? Fox 5 and the Fox TV Stations group would like to use it on all of our platforms until further notice. Is that OK? Thanks for the consideration and we're glad to hear you are safe.
  • fox5dcAbsolutely will. Thank you for your quick reply and please stay safe. @prenteye
  • kristen.szeHi can we use this for ABC7 News in SF?
  • heathermarie1688OMG you were there!!!!!!! Thank God you are all ok... what an awful day!!!!!
  • michellewihbeyOmg !
  • buckwinthropG*d was with you dude 🙏🏻💫✨
  • traceyalbanisdesignThank god you're ok..xx
  • gwynprenticeSo glad you are ok!
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