• itisalovelylife"I totally know that the best way to stay in touch is to get together as often as possible, but what if that just isn’t in the cards right now? What if you live on separate sides of the country but you want your loved ones to be a part of your life? You get creative. That’s what you do!

    We were already hopping on the phone and even video chatting, but that takes time and the ability to have a good amount of time to do it, and with our schedules and most everyone else’s, we didn’t feel that was enough. Then one day Emmy drew her Great Aunt and Uncle a beautiful picture with a handwritten note and I thought “this is it” this is how we will stay a better part of each other’s lives.

    And then I never sent the letter"... See how that has all changed with @bond.co
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  • thiscoolmomblogLove this!!! I will definitely check this out!!
  • seeingdandySo neat!
  • deeoli62Oh princess
  • bluemoonboxLove it! ❤️
  • hotmamatravelHow cute! Love it
  • eletha.gr8jazz1A beautiful picture indeed! It's always nice to receive a handwritten note in the mail -- especially for no particular reason except to say "Hello" and "Thinking of You". Taking the time to be creative and lovingly write a note or letter to keep in touch is wonderful!! I often do this, and it gives me (as well as the recipient!) much joy...
  • dorianeamar😀
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