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  • philipbloomSnippet of my new edit. Full version at vimeo.com/philipbloom

    My first proper test flight of my new Phantom 4 pro on a very cold (for the South of England) afternoon. I will be doing a blog post and possibly a vlog where I go into detail about the drone but I can categorically state that the image from this is a HUGE improvement over the standard 4 (and of course the wonderful Mavic Pro) The 1" Sony RX100 IV sensor and 100mbps H265 as well as the 4K 50p/ 60P H264 images are gorgeous. More soon... This is my favourite way of using drones. Fine control, gentle, graceful, cinematic. I don't really like constant faux helicopter shots.
    Graded with @filmconvert using the Inspire 1 profile (standard) and Velvia stock. 10% off with code bloom at gopb.co/filmconvert

    Music "Last Man On Earth" by Luke Richards from @audionetwork
    Shot in H265 4K 25p (apart from two slow motion tracking shots which were H264 4K 50p) I converted the H265 to ProRes in Media Encoder to make the edit in Premiere easier.
    Picture profile was Colour: None Sharpness -1, Contrast -3 Saturation -1

  • philipbloom@samuelkumanan description
  • philipbloom@bosleybeats I almost never use the sensors
  • philipbloom@fredinternet yes. I was very close
  • ellismeadeBeautiful work!!
  • bosleybeats@philipbloom fair enough. :) I leave mine on while performing maneuvers very high up in the snowy mountain forests of the Pacific Northwest. You should come shoot here one day; it never ceases to amaze, especially the strato volcanic ring.
  • pcooprHi @philipbloom what's your workflow uploading to Instagram? a particular app? Cheers
  • philipbloom@pcoopr app? I upload to Instagram
  • pcoopr@philipbloom I just mean to counter Insta's compression settings. Always find mine look quite compressed and yours not at all !
  • philipbloom@pcoopr 720p h264
  • moovmaker@max.ku
  • ilyas_joraevIt's... Fantastic!
  • esthermuzo@philipbloom I would like to know more about the music. Where did you get it from? Thank you
  • philipbloom@esthermuzo it's in my description
  • thechef_musicFantastic :)
  • rfratacciRecorded in H.265 in .MOV and I am unable to convert using media encoder. How did you convert your files?
  • philipbloom@rfratacci you have to change the file extension to .mp4 first. Record MP4 h265 in future. Not mov
  • rfratacci@philipbloom Thank you for your help.
  • cg0llHave you used an ND on the Mavic or 4Pro? I'm not convinced about them even though I'd prefer proper shutter speed
  • riosiburianWich one prefer sir mavic pro or phantom 4 pro? I'm confused for my first drone
  • dan__hunter@philipbloom thanks for upselling me on the phantom 4 pro, really pleased with the DNG files from it and the video too even though I'm not a video guy, really epic bit of kit 👍👍👍
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