The seats in the stadium are made of recyclable plastic! #FactFriday
  • attstadiumThe seats in the stadium are made of recyclable plastic! #FactFriday

  • masonngainesAll I want to do is be here someday
  • aamy.gonzalez@andrew_wimberly
  • rude_e_jayIs the Stadium LEEED Certified?
  • cassandrellaaaaRemember that @mjmonizz11
  • dallascowboysstarExplains why the seats suck. Joking! That's pretty cool. Nice. See ya soon Cowboys stadium! #Playoffs
  • mxster_mxllsJust like your defense
  • detailpowerwashPlease Do some facts on the speakers that hang above 😁
  • __demcowboyz@mxster_mxlls the same defense that allows the lowest amount of rushing yards in the league ... the same defense that shut out the packers at their home ... the same defense that won against the steeler at their home ... you get it they have a really good defense
  • mxster_mxllsSame defense that will choke at home
  • chieffsosa123@mxster_mxlls why talk shit here...take your ass back to your team
  • mxster_mxllsBecause its a free country
  • ayad724@christinakundrat
  • ty.bsrI took the stadium tour. I will say this, you should see Jerry's seat. Just think if that idiot Laura Miller hadn't been elected mayor, the cowboys would be next to Mark Cuba instead of Sam Walmart😆. Seriously, Jerry plans, buys, uses & rethinks. I see Jerry growing tired of this puppy once it's paid off " sure that's any day now" I think Jerry will build another in the near future. Perhaps in one of the land parcels that don't have any speed limit signs posted or more than one or two traffic lights
  • dallasinpicturesWow that stadium is just really impressive!
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