• nataliefrankeIt's a brand new year and the perfect time to kick off some #FridayIntroductions—right?
    Let's do 5 Fun Facts!
    (1) I married my high school sweetheart and we have been together for ten years! (2) My anchor-obsession is the result of growing up in Annapolis, Maryland and my family connection to the Naval Academy... Last year, I followed my word of the year (FEARLESS) and got a permanent reminder of where my heart is anchored with my first tattoo! (3) I eat the same thing for breakfast nearly everyday—plain Greek yogurt, agave, + granola! (4) When I grow up, I want to be Brené Brown. (5) I fell in love with neuroscience in college and I can't wait to launch my new website so that I can share more of my inner-nerd with all of you! Studying the crossover between the brain and business downright fascinates me!
    Photo from our move from the first day of our cross-country drive from Maryland to our tiny little apartment in San Francisco! I still can't believe that we are officially here... What a wild ride! #thehayesadventures

  • kaylakittsphotographyYou're just so dang cute! And I can't wait to see your new website!! Get it girl 😀👏🏻🎉
  • creativecloverphotography@nataliefranke what an adorable pup! What breed is she? ( girl I assume from the pink heart on he collar? 😅) I'd love to get my mom a dog once we settle somewhere!
  • blondeseekingambitionI can't wait to see your new site!!!
  • kendracastillodesignsSo great getting to know you more! I just listened to your interview on the goal digger podcast and your honesty meant the world to me. I stumbled upon the #therisingtidesociety last year when I was feeling totally alone & confused in my business. This group helped me so much to feel secure sharing my heart & story. Thanks again!
  • trentbaileystudio🙌🙌🙌
  • perlaphotographySuch a cute image of you
  • brittanyrcollierI really need to meet your pups, they are so adorable! I can't wait for your website launch!! #bigthingsarehappening
  • chrissosaphotographyYay nerdy stuff woohoo! 🙌🏻👊🏻
  • heatherkirtlandWhat a great picture!!!
  • sweetsnsnarksLooking forward to the nerdy stuff!
  • jessicakaylenephotoYou are so darling! So funny I eat a "parfait" every morning too! 🍓
  • laurenlcarnesYou are way too cute! I want to rock hats like you!
  • pennynmeFun!! I'm a new follower/friend after listening to two podcasts that featured you recently! Love your story and your heart! Plus, I'm an anchor girl, too! ⚓️💙 Looking to get an anchor tattoo too! 🙌🏼
  • deanna.babyloveWow Natalie, you are such an amazing beautiful soul. Learning of your adventures through Instagram has me thankful my New Years resolution was to get involved in social media! Congrats on your move and I look forward to learning more of your journey 💋❤💋
  • mgfancyfontWow so many connections!! I married my high school sweetheart, run a creative biz and LOVE neuroscience 🤓 I love everything you have built through your business and look forward to seeing your new website!
  • nuvea@nataliefranke Just listened you on the @jennakutcher podcast and was really inspired. Liked the psychology insights, too.
  • waffleschickcoatesSuper cute🐾🐾
  • speakjusticedesigncoI grew up in Maryland too! ⚓️ I LOVED your podcast episode with @jennakutcher! So helpful and relatable. Thank you! ❤
  • dianacoulter_I love Brené Brown and the brain!! ☺
  • photosfromhartThat dog! Ahhh! Precious! And gosh, Annapolis is just the best place to be.
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