• rosemcgowanIrreplaceable

  • wearethecharmedonesNo charmed reboot !!! I remember when Prue died and I thought it wouldn't be the same but Paige was brilliant , I love the power of four , so either a remake with the original sisters or not at all ! :)
  • denisedelbonoPrue Piper Phoebe paige 💛
  • liviamusicinstaA movie with the four of you would have been far better. Why are idiots in charge everywhere?? 😬
  • tulitime@rosemcgowan @theshando @milano_alyssa @thehmc I say no to a Charmed reboot if you amazing Queen's are not in the show and on second thought we live in a world now where if the fans can't get what they want then us fans should be able to help create what we want so therefore I think it would be wonderful for all of us fans to perhaps start a crowd funding page to help start production a REAL Charmed reboot with the original cast, original house, etc. It would be nice to see Prue come back and visit the sister from the other said and aid where she can, perhaps she becomes their guardian but from the other side..first episode should definitely reflect Prue's soul elevation and where she's at now on the other side! Just an idea. If NBC can bring back Will &Grace then CW can do the same? What's the problem? GIVE US WHAT WE WANT! Gilmore Girls is back! WE WANT CHARMED!
  • jose_atbThat charmed back to the world tv #charmed
  • hanmuh04I loved and still love charmed
  • jami_gibsonYes!!
  • alua2003125😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍CHARMEEDD
  • chocolatesexiness1I love yall!😍😍😍💯💯💯I still watch #Charmed right now 2day....😌😘💯✌💋
  • lesdiamantsderythea❤♥️
  • so_lushYou've done nothing since
  • bre1993_@rosemcgowan I wish y'all can make a spell an get Donald Trump out the white house that would be lovely✌🤗😆 love you rose💓
  • _movies_shows_otpsTruly 😔
  • vlada_drljan🔥💘
  • kayladudley9242Love this show♡♡
  • miss_elaine01I still watch it the CHARMED ONES 👍💕👊😎
  • _w_r_c_h_So fucking true @rosemcgowan love you ❤❤❤
  • royalty_chuHave you guys ever stopped and wondered if the girls "@thehmc @milano_alyssa @theshando @rosemcgowan even want to be on the show lmao .. because if they really wanted to they would of been had a reunion its been 13 years there getting old .. no offense ya still sexy
  • andrearicolariosThe best ever
  • cikjijie❤❤❤❤❤
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