@wmag 🌹hair: @ryanrichman / makeup : @kayleenmcadams / wearing @dsquared2 🦇 styled by @jordan_grossman 🎩
  • humancrouton@wmag 🌹hair: @ryanrichman / makeup : @kayleenmcadams / wearing @dsquared2 🦇 styled by @jordan_grossman 🎩

  • maddiekatlemannnPretty girl
  • sweeetkateeeTotoro ❤️❤️
  • roberto_burattinAmazing!!! 🌹
  • lyndungilanoob😍⚡️🔥❤
  • djohn4990You have me in your spell looking into those eyes hun
  • brittanyfurlanYUP 🔥
  • mspresley98I fucking love your fucking tattoos, fuck whoever doesn't, you're a savage and honestly my role model in life. 🤘🏽❤
  • jasminemullins_muaLooking good boo boo!! @humancrouton
  • errorinYou're such a babe!! Love the tats! 😍
  • 645_avaaliciaReally really beautiful
  • gooseberryintimates❤💎
  • prettycrabbyHa your tattoo story! Your tattoos are rad and yours and all that matters is that you love them! 🙌🏻💕💕💕💕
  • bonijoni1986In this pict you didn't look like a model, sorry
  • blanca_aliciaPeople are so rude. Just saw your tattoo story. Respecting your choice and your meanings which make the art that much more beautiful. Saying sorry for those inconsiderate people
  • its.annatI just saw your ig story about tattoos and IT GIVES ME LIFE ILY IRELAND✊❤
  • marvinatorhdLove the tats!!! ❤️❤️
  • aswadmnHey welcome back. I been away, thot you were gone dear angel, write letters under the stars, soothing night, may it brings you wonderful dreaming ..
  • mayrilva@humancrouton :what You seeking again with ME a come-back:not now MY humancrouton Ireland: however UPDATE ME FURTHER: You seem very nice :Haven't been reported publicly however ME discreetly updated that MY lil Cousin Billie allowed You to funeral her Mom as Granny even she was good accompaigned by Taylor as ME kindly ordered! SAFE, GOOD WEEKEND! CO-OWNER,.. BOSS,.. Fam #MayrilvaBregithaWallé ! BTW how You're doing at Your Mom! #ARR
  • mayrilva@humancrouton :as what exactly Stokes seeking with ME more than professional as BOSS/Employee friend relationing! HONEST ANSWER! ME fedup of ladies only seeking benefits from ME:NOT referring to MY PARTNER, PARTNER/Wife:WIFE or You as 2 MY Partners:seeming ME not so bad as been perjured after all! #MayrilvaBregithaWallé ! #ARR
  • rodneyreyesliveVery cool!
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