• xo.stay_true.xoWas feeling this exact way this morning. So out came the journal. Amazing post 💟
  • harmonia108It's true. Sometimes waiting for the right time and place to say them is maddening, and sometimes they don't get said at all. Sad. Life is a series of decisions. We take one path or another. Committing to following heart is the key.
  • __rishiii_@nensivyas 😔
  • angelwolf74Sometimes you could speak all the words you could possibly find to describe what you wanna say and still the other person either can't hear you or doesn't listen or just plain dont give a fuck to listen to anything you have to say ...until they realise they lost you and suddenly they are paying attention to you..the attention you've been wanting for years only now you dont care and you dont want it..however the other person doesn't have a clue that you really are done and will never trust them that close ever again.. and they dont realize that just because they may be able to get your attention doesn't mean you will ever trust them with your heart ever again.. They dont realize no matter how many times they could count on you always being there in the past how many times you were stupid enough to go back and put yourself through needless pain and disrespect.. This time you are actually done for good and have moved on.. and have someone in your life that does everything you want and need without you even having to ask..that they love you unconditionally ...keep that...let the past go.. make your life everything you've ever wanted it to be...
  • __nice_try___Oh yas -
  • __nice_try___😫
  • pamisatpathyYes some times
  • ofelia_marullOMG! You are so right!
  • mbjork87fuck no. You can't change history. Don't best yourself up over what you should have done. This creates unneeded suffering
  • ramirezeliane💙
  • cendrinenineYup
  • quotes.on.a.daily.basis😊
  • delores.brantleyI agree
  • nlsears72Indeed!
  • itsamiiiiiiiShould I say it?
  • keepthat1004@bangstergram ^^
  • ethanoel14@laurenlanghi this goes for both of us!! We are each other's person!
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