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  • j_evans1219Smile.πŸ’‹ #Selfie

  • brittanydanielle24You're gorgeous 😍
  • ashleighhobby@meghankelsey she looks so good
  • mellyboo013How has she changed? She still yells at her mom not only in front of Jace but in front of Maryssa too! If I was Maryssa's mom I'd tell David to watch that, I wouldn't my child hearing Jenelle disrespect her mom. And how could you Jenelle play so many games with Kaiser and Nathan. All Nathan wants to do is father his child! There's so many boys growing up without fathers, Jace being one of them! Jace's dad chose to not be in his life And here you are choosing to keep Kaiser out of his dads life! I'll see true maturity in you, when you 1. Stop getting pregnant, as you now have 3 baby daddy's. 2. Appreciate ALL your mom has done for you! If it wasn't for her Jace probably would've ended up in foster care. 3. Grow up, you're an adult, stop blaming your mom as to why you don't have Jace, it was you that signed him over, why? Bc you were young and wanted to live the life of a young person. Stop using Kaiser against Nathan, you've moved on and are preg again! It seems to me that Nathan and his girlfriend are rather responsible in that area. Be your own person, STOP letting David influence your disrespect towards your mom. #MTV should have spinoff shows with #KailynTM2 and #ChelseaTM2 they're very respectable and respectful πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
  • just_vemi@mellyboo013 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ i agree! She has the nerve to judge Nathan for getting arrested. She's been arrested how many times?! She definitely is keeping Kaiser away from him to spite him. It's sad.
  • ljoiner23I liked how Jace was like I love camp because we play tennis and stuff and she tried to convince him it would be better if he just stayed with her because they can play with him. He has friends he likes to be around and the fact that he called his grandma mommy shows what he's wants. He wants to have a relationship with Jenelle but he doesn't want to leave Barb I mean she's all he's ever know. I'm glad Jenelle may be getting her life together but why doesn't she realize that getting him back at this point in his life isn't in the best interest of Jace it could actually be more damaging.
  • jokhlodashfanJenelle you're so pretty always have been, and always had a great body! Keep up the good work mama!
  • jokhlodashfan@just_vemi Nathan is an idiot lmao! No need for me to even elaborate...smh
  • spoonfullofpositivitySlag @j_evans1219
  • valinamarie55@j_evans1219 I'm such a fan of teen mom 2 I always have been!β™‘ Jenelle I just want to say your a great mom and I'm so happy for you congratulations with the new baby , best of luck! πŸ’– #numberonefan
  • steph.l1903@_carleneeeexo True that lol
  • gentaylor_So proud of you for your ongoing growth and persistence to becoming a better person not only for Jace but for yourself. ❀️ keep going!
  • ericaworksoutYou're gorgeous
  • beautifuldisaster4433I adore u πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  • hayhay_25Does anyone know her Snapchat name?
  • shereejaffaryou are so beautiful 😚😚
  • loca_marquisYou look great!!
  • tarneeisbaeSo beautiful
  • capotheadYou're so beautiful
  • blockie78Love this look Janelle. So beautiful and so natural
  • trinityraye._😍😍😍😍
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