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  • torontopolicePart 2 of #HowWeDoItTPS Bloopers Take 3!
    #outtakes #bloopers #funny #torontopolice #laughs

  • anastasia305👍🏻😀
  • melissastorey111Your all truly amazing and I love watching your blogs with my 12 year old daughter😊
  • timber666When I first immigrated to Canada applied to the fore but was told not 6ft 2in tall. Sad I would've made an awesome cop. No regrets and all though, those 5ft 11in folks go follow your dreams.
  • kristicricketAmazing!!! Stay safe everyone!!!! 💗
  • gtaportraits👍
  • athinah14Awesome. Love these and thanks for sharing 👍💙 Keep up the great work and stay safe.
  • securitysstoreSuch an inspiration
  • troyrw😄
  • missnadiaalli6969Reality showing progress for toronto police services in feel a reality show airing happy holidays to all
  • garderobe.torontoSweet!
  • defenseinnovationTrain as you Fight 🇺🇸
  • chung.anthony😀😂👍
  • missnadiaalli6969Tps should really receive a reality based showing thier distinctive services and behind the scenes of the days of being an officer, let the viewers be aware of the psychological and mental fatigue that these fine dedicated officers entail to keep the peace not be bias or judgemental on the law and judiciary system this isn't s
  • missnadiaalli6969Isn't America nor do we have Hitler in power on Thursday as trump is the elected president in January 20th, we are a neutral society without prejudice and racism.
  • ovochrissix@missnadiaalli6969 u dont know anything about politics or crime but here are u as another noob calling Donald Trump a hitler maybe u should get a job at CNN a tv station that hates cops and while u at it get ur self educated
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