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  • movementasmedicineTop 3 Core Exercises For Runners
    Many runners with good intentions of adding “a core routine” to their training, run afoul when they start adding in traditional core exercises like crunches, Russian twists and flutter kicks. This old-school approach to core training is not only ineffective but, also potentially damaging to the spine. Rather than programming exercises that simply produce “a burn” in the abdominals we should be aiming to practice drills that most closely reflect the demands of our sport. For this reason I am a big fan of ½ kneeling and split stance, anti-rotation/anti-extension drills for runners.
    The ½ kneeling and split stance positions challenge the athlete to stabilize the hip and spine in the frontal, sagittal and transverse planes.
    Focusing on ANTI progressions like chop/lift, anti-rotation press and push-pull stress the core stabilizers to maintain alignment much like the as the forces of running do.
    If you have clients who run try adding these progressions into their program. Once the show mastery in the ½ kneeling position, challenge them by progressing upwards to split stance. - @kev_in_carr
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  • connor__knight@movementasmedicine what if you are completing a general strength program, would the traditional core exercise then be considered useful?
  • movementasmedicine@connor__knight No matter the population or training context I would not recommend crunches or any other similar traditional core exercise. I think they are contraindicated for humans in general. I'd prefer "Anti" drills: anti-extension, anti-rotation and anti-lateral Flexion drills as opposed to flex, rotate and sidebend.
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  • movementasmedicine@samoanstrengthcoach I appreciate the kind words!
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  • lenaplaczek@eh100percent these are great! Thanks!
  • aztecanfitThese are all great crunch/sit-up replacement exercises. Good stuff! Could be done in between sets, or at the end of the main workout.
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  • camontgomery11I know this post was targeted to runners, but as a PT and Feldenkrais practitioner, these movements are basics that all individuals would benefit in mastering, even seniors, or people with back pain or scoliosis. Have someone who can't get into a 1/2 kneel yet? Try sitting at the edge of a bench or a no-arm chair (i.e. right side of trunk is perpendicular to back of chair), legs (sitbones) in a split stance (step position). As always, excellent post with awesome visuals. MANY thanks for these mini-continuing education snipets!
  • movementasmedicine@seandthrive Haha I like coordinating the exhale with the end of the concentric rep or just having them hold the 1/2 kneeling position while breathing if they aren't ready for higher tension strategies.
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  • christ_wilson@gymferris the 1/2 kneeling cable lift. This is what I was asking you about the other day. Seems to dissociate the lower body (static) vs the torso/head which rotates.
  • buzzbeard@hambo176 just a though if this might be useful
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