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    #Baghdad, inside the Green Zone on #Saddam's parade field. Early 2004. My first deployment in a "leadership" role. I was perfectly content to be the best machine gunner on Earth but if you build up enough experience someone will assume that you want a "leadership role", worse they will assume you will do well at it. My first attempt at being a Team Leader was a disaster of my own doing. We where the most aggressive and disciplined team but we caused endless petty drama that my bosses had to deal with. By the time I "retired" in 2014 I had become a Project Manager for one of the most important and dangerous contract missions in Afghanistan. I was responsible for the mission success and the welfare of just under 100 dudes. With some luck we had 100% success and no casualties. If you feel deep down that you don't have what it takes to accomplish your goal? That's ok because at the moment you may be right. Assess yourself candidly. Create a plan to fix your problems. Execute relentlessly. You can become the person you need to be if you work hard and never quit. #mookiemilitia #spikestactical #milforum #bagdad #iraq #soldiers #military

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