Friday goals. #justbenice #killthemwithkindness #alittlenicegoesalongway
  • theautismhelperFriday goals. #justbenice #killthemwithkindness #alittlenicegoesalongway

  • pocket_angelzSo true. Would you be so kind to share our story of a young entrepreneur trying to raise awareness for autism.
  • vidya5669Hello Sasha thanks for the great thought. I had a question on your post on teaching techniques for kids posted couple of days ago on Facebook . I wanted to know how we can encourage our kids with autism to be independent in school and at home . In school specifically in terms of independent work.i love your posts and am a big fan of your TPT store . I have bought a lot of your adapted books and resources and it has helped my son with autism who is also nonverbal on a big way. It was so nice to see he knew so much after we started using your books and products . Thank you so much for that . If you can kindly shed some light on how you can help kids with autism become more independent I will appreciate it . 👍
  • theautismhelper@vidya5669 Hi! I think I just responded to your FB question. I would definitely look at reinforcement and prompt fading! I have a big post on reinforcement coming next week and a bunch of in depth posts on prompt fading for the following week. Hope these will help. Let me know if you have any questions!
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