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  • calimoveThe Backbridge is one of the most underrated exercises ☝. It's a whole body movement which active your posterior muscle chain while strechtes your anterior muscle chain. 🔗

    When you do a backbridge you use your shoulders, traps, erector spinae, glutes and hamstrings while you stretch your pecs, your abdominal muscles, hip flexors & quads. 👌 #calimove #backbridge

  • calimove@iamharpman Danke!
  • victorqmirandaIgual noix @alvin_miranda
  • ricscolley@mtaylo07
  • rene.picardAmazing man
  • the_80s_beast@calimove is it bad for the lower back?
  • calimove@the_80s_beast No, if you learn it step by step.
  • connollyjordanThoughts on neck bridging? Is it safe?
  • calimove@connollyjordan use your arms to support your head and try to release the the arm support from session to session.
  • a_movement_perspectiveGanz schön breiter Stand oder? Das geht ja fast über die Seite. Ist das Ziel nicht vor allem über Schulterflexion zu gehen?
  • calimoveDas Ziel und die Positionierung kann unterschiedlich gewählt werden. In unserem Backbridge Tutorial sieht man auch andere Versionen.
  • fabiohomer@giuu_f leia e depois me fala o que achou
  • dhotchkis@sixdegreesfitness yeah boi on the money!
  • franciscocmsHey @calimove! First of all, thank you very much for all your work, for the past 3 years, you've been helping me a lot with my calisthenics journey! New year, and I set a new goal: mobility. But how can I focus on strength/skills and add mobility at the same time? Can you guys give me a little tip??
  • chichogavela👏👏👏
  • isaibnfaizI should try this one out
  • sixdegreesfitness@dhotchkis this is what to work towards!
  • home_gym_madeThis is almost dishonorable to Für Elise 😂
  • calimove@franciscocms There are different ways to do it. You can use Mobility as a part of your warm up (no passive Stretching ☝) or after your strength training. You can also do it in separate sessions ➡Mobility in the morning, strength training in the evening.
  • marawan.xNo offence but are you doing it right . I am by no mean an expert ???! But Your form is extremly weird nearly no back arch and severly opened shoulder
  • brianism24@maite_nichol
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