in other news: #mood.
  • readtealeavesin other news: #mood.

  • handmadetoastWalking uphill triggered labour a week ago for me and our baby Ollie arrived on new-year eve 😍
  • carolineperrielloI was sure Alden was going to be really early since Baker was 8 days early. Instead he held on until a day before his due date. Luckily once he came, he came fast. Almost a year ago now!
  • kristiejanesmithI skipped (in public... while carrying my nearly two year old's.caused my water to break two and a half weeks early with baby #2. Hopefully you can get things going a little more gracefully 🙂 and I agree! Those first days with a second baby are somehow even sweeter!
  • amandabridgetPineapple juice did the trick for me both times! Good luck!
  • clairebwolfSpicy Indian food for me! Well wishes for the upcoming time! 🙂
  • shelterprotectsyou😂
  • lizzi43My girlfriend told me to eat lots of basil and oregano. Maybe just a coincidence but I went into labor!
  • liannecs@haydiva ^ lots of tips for getting bebe out
  • katienwmnLove this!
  • sophie.lazarskiAte spicy chicken curry 20h on the Saturday night. Waters broke 8h on the Sunday morning. Works for all the women in my family. Also in France they give us a homeopathic remedy to soften the cervix from 37 keep taking it through labour to keep your contractions regular. Can't remember what it's called tho!
  • asliceofcreativelife@readtealeaves wish you all the best for your second birth... send you lots of love, light and energy ❤❤❤
  • kaoleehoyleDidn't know you were expecting again - congrats!
  • readtealeaves@kaoleehoyle thanks!
  • readtealeaves@asliceofcreativelife thanks!!
  • readtealeaves@carolineperriello oh man! 😘
  • readtealeaves@lucyross thanks, Lucy!
  • zouzguyotMais c'est l'attente d'une jolie rencontre!😍😍☺😘 @readtealeaves
  • mon_and_miaNipple stimulation! My friend was expecting triplets and she was wanting a natural birth so she wanted to get things going before doctors insisted on medical interventions. She used her breast pump & got things going & delivered all 3 bubbas that day. Sending lots of positive birthing vibes your way x
  • lowolfmusicchildbirth is so metal! i love you
  • lindsey.heringer.photoI tried the pineapple too! 🍍
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