• hitonbythehomelessI am a Christian. I am pro-life. And because of that, #istandwithpp.
    When one of my teenage Young Life girls became pregnant, after many attempts at other clinics, it was #PlannedParenthood who was willing to see her. Up until that point she had considered abortion, as she felt like it was her only option. Their staff however, sat her down and offered her the tools, support and confidence she needed to make the decision to KEEP her little one.
    This baby is alive because of the work of Planned Parenthood.

  • hitonbythehomeless@helloloj thank you for the work you do! I think @thefulks has told me about you:)
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  • aijiaofficialAmen!
  • elysefultonUmmm so I'm gonna send her some baby clothes.
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  • anne.marie.browerI so want to understand more.
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  • chelseahasinstagramI've never been more into you.
  • kitty_carruthersSo so so good. Alsoooo @alisafluffy hey how do you know @hitonbythehomeless
  • alisafluffy@kitty_carruthers because all awesome yl people know each other ;)
  • ceciliamccuskerLove you ❤
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  • emilyrowedawsonThanks for sharing this story. God is in places some Christians don't want him to be. He is bigger than sinful nature and negative media.
  • savedbygloryThat's amazing my personal experience with a PP counselors in Miami was so negative. Thanks for sharing.
  • emmathompsonscupcakeThank you ! I am a 37 year old mom of 5 children. Way back when I was 19 I was surprisingly pregnant with my first baby. I was scared and alone and after calling many places I ended up at PP. They never once urged me to abort my pregnancy, they provided me with tools and knowledge and support to make my pregnancy and days as a young, new mom happy and healthy. They also connected me with support to help further my education while raising my baby. It makes me so upset how many negative stigmas surround them while they are such a great organization.
  • brallygapyearMy insurance actually said PP was the only place I could go for my usual check up and I was blown away with how kind and professional everyone was. I was treated better than any other doctor I have been to. I also saw women in that waiting room from every walk of life- business women on their lap top getting an STD test, young people looking really scared and everyone in between. And it wasn't in some dArk alley like I imagined- it was on 3rd st promenade! Honestly, now that I have new insurance I hope I can still go there I'm a PP believer.
  • hitonbythehomeless@brallygapyear that's one of the things that blew me away the most; every single person came in looking terrified and left at ease, because the staff was so kind and so loving and dismantled any shame they were feeling. It was really powerful and touching.
  • hitonbythehomeless@emmathompsonscupcake thanks for sharing that! I think it's important to share these stories to breakdown the stigma, while also recognizing shortcomings of course. I really appreciate you chiming in!
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