• herpackinglistThis stuff is awesome and it wouldn't be a bad idea to pack a couple of packets of @sugru for every trip. It takes up very little space and can be used to fix just about anything - and I do mean anything! 😎 Fix your suitcase handle, mend a hole in your backpack, stick your broken sunnies back together... you get the point 😊🔨 It's just one of several small items to pack that help you travel like McGyver!
    Check out more McGyverable travel fun on the blog: herpackinglist.com/blog
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  • vegetaraianOoh what a clever little gadget!
  • herpackinglist@vegetaraian it's amazing! I've used it on so many little projects around the house (like fixing the edge of cables that Sherlock had a tiny nibble on! 🐰)
  • vegetaraianCheeky bunny!🐰
  • whimsy_musingsCan we get this in Australia?
  • herpackinglist@whimsy_musings I don't think there are any stockists here yet but they ship worldwide. I bought a couple of packs and it shipped to here from the UK for about £4. You can also get it from Amazon US at about $5.60 USD shipping.
  • med_chaterloved it
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