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  • thebettyrockerYou are a FORCE to be reckoned with! Remember that! Check in below if you did your workout today - and try this little BONUS SHRED circuit! 💪🏼👊🏻⚡

    1️⃣ Straight Leg Raises (10)
    2️⃣ Single Leg Bridge Lifts (10 each side)
    3️⃣ Decline Push Ups (10) - do these on the floor or kneeling as a great alternative
    4️⃣ Core Pull Ins (15)
    5️⃣ Reverse Leg Raises (15)
    6️⃣ Triceps Dips (10)
    7️⃣ Elevated Single Leg Toe Taps (10 each side)

    ✅Do 3 rounds •
    You got this!! Visit me on the blog for more full length workout videos, healthy recipes and my eating 101, and lots of motivation!
    #strongereveryday #stopdropandbettyrock #thebettyrocker

  • tdorr67@reneefed
  • johodyThank you Bree! I've been feeling slow and unmotivated this week- this is helping me go to bed feeling like I did a LITTLE something for myself today :)
  • jenbabe400HWD UB2 ✅💪🏼
  • eeeeeruiz@thebettyrocker I've been doing your challenge and I love them. I also tried the banana protein pancakes and they were awesome. I'm gonna try hard to stick with this! Thank you!
  • ms_queen_goddess_@3xquisit3ch1ca
  • lazygirlgetsfit2017Day 3 completed this morning! 🏆
  • ddhazlitt👍😎💯Thanks! 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣6️⃣7️⃣
  • jmarieher80Done!
  • flimziU make the decline push ups look like nothing 😂💪🏼
  • sara_and_the_sappsJust started exercising for the first time in 5 years! My goal was to workout 3 times a week at a moderate pace because I want to "love" it like other people looooove it. First day was chill to moderate. Second day I decided to run until I couldn't anymore and I freaking ran a mile without freakin stoping!!!!! So today of corse I had to go back and run it faster 👊. Crushing my three days a week goal.
  • tmcintyre01This looks awesome! Going to do it tmrw! And yes, I did do my workout today!
  • flamingofernDone!
  • yvettekendallI love your workouts
  • strongbodygreenplanetAwesome! 💪💪👍
  • chefserenapoonNice page
  • lindsey.lafountainGot mine in today
  • charismacharmzHi 👋🏻 @thebettyrocker ! Loving your 30 day challenge. I was wondering where you got your leather stool that you use to do jumps on? Thx.
  • teacher.mom.duckFinished fatburn day 30 today!
  • dontfrigwithmyfoodooh i like the look of that last one!
  • michelle_wildheartyoga@thebettyrocker hey normally I have been doing 1 minute reps, approx. 5 moves, 4-5 sets. I notice you have less reps and sets. I want to continue to see results so just wondering if you do more and this is just a starting point?
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