Great to meet you today @tmliou 
#amputee #skeleton #foot #funnybone #cancersucks #news9 #mydogsarefamous #onefootwander
  • onefootwanderGreat to meet you today @tmliou
    #amputee #skeleton #foot #funnybone #cancersucks #news9 #mydogsarefamous #onefootwander

  • kat_jennings38Great pic
  • kat_jennings38Okay so I signed up just now to tell you how Awesome you are. I am a breast cancer survivor. I had a different type of breast cancer so by the time they did a biopsy I was either 3rd or 4th stage. Like you I had a crazy humor about it. Some daysI would wear my fake Boobs and other days I wouldn't. Some days I wore my wig some days I didn't. It really screwed with my nurses and co-workers. LoL. Keep up the Great Work! I'm a fan
  • tmliouGlad I met you too!!! Keep in touch. :) and yes, your dogs are awesome!!!
  • rachelinfectedI feel like a sucker for whining about having Crohns/colitis [not sure which one yet]. I saw on your profile you had biopsies this week. I hope things turn out well despite what your pet scan showed. Nothing scarier than your body turning on you, and I thought I had it rough because my ailments happened as I turned 30 this past summer. Keep up the PMA, and getting tattoos and sweet prosthetics. You're handling it well. Way better than I would. I also hope you and your bones get to travel the world and that you raise a ton of $ to help you do so! Maybe that one comedian who waived medical fees you out too?
  • gnomeenthusiast13Found your page through @chickandthedead on FB. I'm loving your sense of humour. 😁💕
  • missmeri217I just found your account. Having your own amputated foot skeletonized and returned to you is the coolest thing I ever heard of. The instagram of it is even more awesome. You are amazing!!!
  • koaticone#getkristionellen @theellenshow help get this trending I would love Ellen to hear her story and help spread awareness
  • kayellisinstatell Michelle O'Bama?
  • mr_fairladyStupid question but is that your actual foot or just like a prop for the most awesome ig page ever
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