Here’s your grand gesture to a better 2017: #GrandCayman. #GoalToGo #CaymanIslands #Caribbean #BeachLife
  • jetblueHere’s your grand gesture to a better 2017: #GrandCayman. #GoalToGo #CaymanIslands #Caribbean #BeachLife

  • kelliraenewman@gabinewman
  • vanessalh08Muy mal momento el que tuvimos que pasar hoy en su terminal del JFK, compre un pasaje vía online ayer en la tarde para hoy y cuando llegamos para el chequeo nos dicen que el pago fue cancelado, aún estamos esperando que nos digan porque fue cancelado ya que el banco no bloqueo nada y tampoco tuvieron la amabilidad de llamar a uno al número de teléfono que le piden esperaron que el pasajero llegara a la terminal a pasar el mal rato. Muy mal servicio, tampoco buscan la forma de tratar de ayudar al pasajero sino que empeoran las cosas. Definitivamente perdieron un cliente. @jetblue
  • littlebit0265Ready to get the hell away
  • alexamanzTengan mucho cuidado los que viajan por jetblue, ayer viaje de JFK a SDQ y me robaron pertenencias de mi maleta, no entiendo como es eso posible, una persona debe estar completamente confiada de que no le va a pasar nada a ninguna de sus pertenencias, sin embargo es lo contrario, debe prepararse para la posibilidad de que le roben. Estoy muy muy molesta ahora mismo, pensaba lo mejor de jetblue y ahora estoy comenzando a dudarlo.
  • back_goffLove Grand Cayman!!! Most beautiful water and diving in the world in my opinion!!!
  • tjpickerWe went there off cruise, beautiful beach and warm water😊
  • trev423Hey @jetblue how about you quit calling my goddamn phone every fifteen minutes. AND THEN WHEN I ASK TO BE PUT ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST YOU CALL BACK TEN MINUTES LATER ON ANOTHER NUMBER, FUCK. YOU. No I don't want your hotel or cruise or whatever the fuck your selling so go ram it up your fat fucking ass.
  • tooktookmePretty cool
  • inspirremeI love it when you post!!! It is always something wonderfully inspiring!!!😘
  • louie2jkCoolio! 😎
  • xxandra___xx@jetblue WORST EXPERIENCE EVER
  • imjusme_jbDope!!!
  • margie.mean@jetblue I'm very disappointed at you guys! I took the JFK-SDQ flight #9 on Monday and my checked baggage was damaged. We looked for a JB employee everywhere in the airport and there wasn't one in sight. I was sick and wasn't able to call to make the claim that day (or the days after), and now that I'm feeling a bit better and looked up how to make the claim was informed that you only take claims within four hours of landing!? That makes no sense whatsoever!!!
  • b_way_all_day@jetblue u guys suck worst customer service ever
  • jeromeromeeromeMy country!!!!! #CaymanIslands #345
  • c_metacowI love grand Cayman it's so beautiful
  • skeshishInstead of posting photos of beaches, you should focus on properly training your staff. Worst night of my life, courtesy of @JetBlue! After hours of pointless delays, my direct flight is now in some random city for non-emergency reasons. And now we get to sit here routin routing in our own stench for another God knows how long until you guys get through your bs routine again to get us back in the air. I'm going to miss a very important meeting tomorrow, which I literally planned my whole trip around, and the terrible attitude from your useless employees isn't helping anything... like we're all paying money to have the pleasure of being here and serving them. I'm cancelling my next flight. This is my worst #JetBlue experience yet. You guys are ridiculous.
  • camping.tripGood one! Thank you.
  • arnaudmontagardInbox 😀
  • scottfishman👏
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