• katestoltzHigh necks, bell sleeves and chokers🍾
    Which predicted 2017 fashion trend are you most excited about?
    Choker available at www.katestoltz.com ( #accessorytip : wrap your favorite little necklace around a basic black leather choker for a sweet/edgy touch.)

  • robbie_raz2017 looks good on you Kate!♡
  • mattlicariI love this Kate !
  • annamg71Did you make this? It's beautiful. ☺
  • rozeeesisBeautiful!!
  • lawdasktheq703Outstanding!! Like your gorgeous smile its amazing!! 🤗☺️
  • katestoltz@mattlicari thanks. Happy New Years!
  • erubin77Looking more beautiful, each and every day. @katestoltz
  • trainor_22You are such an inspiration 😍 beautiful inside and out @katestoltz
  • mike_bentzPretty!
  • youpenga@katestoltz As always you look so beautiful!!! All for Bell Sleeves!!! Happy New Year hun xx
  • tinkksI love that flared sleeves!! It reminds me of a flowy hippie chic meets manhattan
  • jjeennllyynnI simply loooove you Kate! I wanna wish you the very best of all things in your life and around you 😊🌻⭐
  • katnous8Beautiful throwback... I would totally wear this
  • hctmisslarkHigh Necks❣
  • rondaroyalI like all butt the bell sleeves ! I like it on other people.. just not on myself !!
  • gabys106Go where your dreams take you.
  • soulfulsadielike that pleated ruffle of generous size!
  • hipinuWoOow.. V e r y N i c e 🍀🌹🍀
  • imvernie@katestoltz them eyes tho ❤️👌🏼
  • fierdous_williamsomg, this is that girl from breaking Amish @sarahhalo
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