"The victory of the game, it’s all a state of mind"

#yesband #yesshows #jondavison
  • yesofficial"The victory of the game, it’s all a state of mind"

    #yesband #yesshows #jondavison

  • chrismoondog6Can we get Jon Anderson back yet????
  • elyssa.silverJon Davison is great! I think he adds a great vibe to the stage and I wish people would stop hating on him/comparing him to Anderson...they are both different.
  • timmytoetag@elyssa.silver they are absolutely different! I could not agree with you more.... Yet another reason that this touring lineup should never have taken the name 'YES'. YES died with Chris Squire.
  • elyssa.silver@timmytoetag While it's true that Chris obviously had a huge role in the band I don't think it's fair for us to decide whether or not they should use the name based on how many original members are in it. I think it's fine. They aren't random musicians, Yes's lineup has gone through so many changes that this is barely different, minus Chris of course. I see your point though. I just like the music so I don't care about what name they use lol.
  • timmytoetag@elyssa.silver Chris Squire is the one who had the rights to the name, being that he is the ONLY member on every Yes album. His death through those rights up in the air for anyone to claim. ARW is probably closer to what Yes was, then Steve Howe's current lineup, but even still, it's not Yes, nor ever will be. Like, I still love the music, but we have to be realistic here..... It's not Yes, like how a horse is not a cow. Steve Howe and crew are simply using the Yes name to sell more tickets, piggybacking on the former greatness of what Yes used to be.
  • luiscuencasilvaSorry this person not belong YES.
  • wikemells@timmytoetag Squire's wish was for the band to continue on...
  • tonyfornarothe sooner Steve joins up with Jon & Rick.. the better... bury the hatchet and realize what the fans want
  • shuttrbug2k12It's like Little River Band isn't the Little River Band. Wayne Nelson, who joined the band in the 80s, owns the name/label. Three of the original members Glenn Shorrock, Beeb Birtles and Graham Goble were unsucessful in securing the name even though they started the band. They tour as BSG now.
  • texmireDavison is nothing but talent and class. To continue whining about Anderson is absurd. It's about the music.
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