• tarynatdddWe have been verrrrry slowly taking down our Christmas decor over the past few weeks. Typically we take it all down New Years Day and it’s all packed away swiftly. But this year it’s been a gradual process and for the first time ever I decided to leave up some winter decor throughout the downstairs. After all, we will have snow on the ground so it only make sense to keep a few things up! Head over to the blog today to see my winter mantel decor along with 4 other bloggers (tap profile). Are you keeping any winter decor up this year? #chezddd #winterdecor #cozyhome #designdininganddiapers

  • jliveslifeIt's so hard. I miss my Christmas decor sooooooo much and excited for next year.
  • shabbyandchicpodcastWe call this the Christmas Decor Hangover! It's so hard going back to your regular decor after Christmas. 😢 We JUST posted an episode about transitioning your Christmas decor to winter decor! Not an easy task! 🎄➡️❄️
  • kelly.elkoI still have bins to take to the basement! I need Santas elves to come help me!
  • blesserhouseSo cozy, friend!
  • tarynatddd@kelly.elko I just organized the bins and finally put them out last night! Haha
  • thehappyhousieSo cozy and lovely!
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