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  • tathatagolfImprove your golf game regardless of weather. #Tathata60Day #TathataGolf #Tathata #TathataCMS #GrowTheGame #ComeTrain

  • qadirjadoonI just saw a few videos on YouTube but without doubt the best system to learn and or perfect. Unlike those bam bam commercials " do you want a monster drive, do you want to impress your friends etc etc crap ads that come out of the Market". This guy really knows his stuff.
  • rfb0925Up here in upstate NY this has been a great boon. At 77 years of age on day 32 I have loved Tethata in the world of snow. Not much golf otherwise and my mental thoughts about that first tee shot when the snow goes away are about strength and safety - can't wait.
  • tathatagolf@rfb0925 we're smiling. "As I train, I have an openness to the moments ahead being new and better than they have ever been before." Can't wait for you to hit the ground running once golf season begins. Looking forward to hearing more about your greatness!
  • bobbyjonesfanThis is the REAL deal. Beware, however, this is not a short-cut to great golf. Greatness requires discipline and focus. If you really want it, this is the program that will take you there!
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