• beyondmeat#tbt to this past Monday, when @dr_oz helped get the word out to more people about the Beyond Burger. In his words, "I gotta say, it's good... like really good. It tastes like meat."
    You can watch the segment by clicking the link in our bio. Big win for the #futureofprotein

  • christinebullockAwesome!!
  • ashleywhitaker0WIN💗💗💗🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • vinniewenGreat product!!! I fix it and my family has no idea its not animal product..makes my life much happier!!!
  • kenyabrunsonI was buying the "beef" crumble and the "chicken" strips last night, and the cashier asked "What's that?" I explained that since I didn't eat animal products, they were great for tacos and other things I like to make, and she said, "You had me at tacos!"😂
  • kenyabrunson🌱🌮
  • axellesmansCome to Dubai please and Belgium 🇧🇪
  • darthkaitiThank you for being so effective in the vegan community and getting the word out on such large platforms.
  • malasalas@batgyrl_batson because he promotes products and makes claims that have no medical evidence, but since he is a doctor people take his advice as real proven medical help
  • batgyrl_batson@malasalas Really?!! I had no idea! But I'm hearing this more often. Good to know. Thank you!
  • winnythecool@mwcarneiro @supercooldave21 @sommbc @lianacarneiro
  • smlindas@justinbordy you cant help some people. Xxx
  • leah_royal61Thank you for taking me beyond meat.
  • mother.natures.answerMost products that taste like meat are full of fat from processed oils. They also have loads of sodium and natural flavors. I am an oil-free vegan starting this year. Love and light 💖😀.
  • addolphin🙏
  • the_mc_correctRespect
  • mehiak95Few days ago i went to veggie grill to taste the beyond burger and I got to say it was delicios like any other burger i had before, can wait to cook my own recipes with @beyondmeat
  • the_southern_veganI can't wait to see these in my local grocery
  • lotusbonesSeeing this made me so happy good to shed positive light on such an important subject :)
  • reconstructivewellness😎
  • _cyan_unicorn_@_peepie_
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